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ISMA Academy Will Be Closed 11/30/2019!

Who is recovering from a Thanksgiving food coma? We sure are!

Looking at the weekend forecast we are going to announce we will also be closed Saturday morning 11/30/2019 as well due to the massive winter storm moving in. (Saturday students can make up the missed class this coming week at no additional charge)

The Duluth National Weather Service as well as all of our local meteorologists and local news stations are all in full agreement with what will be a massive and dangerous winter storm, blizzard warnings are rolling out already where many students & instructors live, add in crossing the bridge and it's a easy call to make this early.

As always our students & instructors safety is our priority, weather you are in the cage, defending yourself from assault or in this case a massive winter storm! We care about you all and your safety truly matters to us.

Although we miss you like crazy, and some may be climbing the walls to get a great workout in we will see you all safe & ready to go on Monday!

Stay safe & warm everyone & thanks for your understanding!

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