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Professor Robert Mrotek

Professor Robert Mrotek, nicknamed The Fearless Goat, started training in martial arts in June 1992. Professor Mrotok earned his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu in October of 2016, and his 1st degree Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu in February of 2019! He is also a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Karate and a 1st Dan Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. He has a 13 win, 2 loss professional MMA record. 11 of those victories were by submission and 2 of them by knock out! During his childhood, he was a 14 time State Champion, 11 in American Karate and 3 in Tae-Kwon-Do, and a 2 time National Champion in Karate. He is also a 3 time Gold Medal NAGA Champion (White, Blue, and Purple Belt). In his spare time Professor Mrotek loves to teach kids how to stand up to bullies, travel, hike, and go to concerts. He is also a huge San Francisco 49er's fan!


Nick is an assistant coach at Inner Strength Martial Arts and has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing since 2009. Nick earned his Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Sept. 2019 and his first stripe in June 2020! He has a 7 win - 2 loss amateur MMA record and a 2 win - 1 loss professional MMA record and is a licensed MMA corner! Nick enjoys spending his time outside the academy with his family and is a big sci-fi fan.

Coach Nick Myer


I'm USA Boxing Certified and have 9 years of competitive boxing and 2 years of coaching experience at Lorenzi's Boxing. During that time I competed in 15 amateur boxing matches!

Coach Nick Pristash


Mark Wirth teaches our wrestling techniques for our Jiu-Jitsu Class! He has an impressive list of accomplishments in wrestling including  2 time Western Regional Champ in Freestyle and Greco, 3 time Freestyle State Champ, 3 time Greco State Champ, 2 time 2nd place State Freestyle, 2 time 2nd place State Greco, 2 time 3rd place State Freestyle, 2 time 3rd place State Greco, 3rd in state Folkstyle, 9th place Nationals Freestyle, 9th place Nationals Greco, and was a Division 1 wrestler at the Univeristy of New Mexico. A fun fact about Coach Wirth is he won the Best Dancer award in highschool and the Worst Haircut award at the Law Enforcement Training Center!

Coach Mark Wirth


I trained at Lorenzi's Boxing and have competed in both MMA and Boxing. I have a record of 10 wins - 4 losses in Boxing and 2 wins - 1 loss in MMA. I was the Golden Gloves region Champion in 2018 and have received multiple fighter of the night and fight of the night wins.

Coach Tyler Nystrom

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